Traveling from the United Kingdom? Biographer Hunter Davies falls for Bequia’s old-fashioned charm

06/07/2017 0

Bequia is a favorite Caribbean holiday destination for travelers from the UK.

Biographer, Hunter Davies, recently traveled to Bequia and fell for the island’s old-fashioned charm. It’s something we hear over and over again from vacationers that come back again and again. He said Bequia is his favorite as it ‘feels like the West Indies in the olden days’.

Here’s an excerpt from Davies’ article:

“Bequia is my favourite island in the Caribbean – and that’s saying something as, over the years, I’ve visited 32 of them. One of Bequia’s many attractions is that it always feels like the West Indies in the olden days, with real West Indians going quietly and calmly about their real West Indian lives.

It’s a small island, about five miles long, and with only 5,000 inhabitants, but it feels bigger thanks to its winding roads, hidden tracks, wooded hills, marvellous beaches and a spectacular harbour filled with yachts.”

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