Check out this awesome video introducing Bequia to the world, created by Rick Moore on YouTube.

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“I always find it funny how we never truly know where we’re going until we actually start sailing somewhere.

After a very rocky seven hours, Britican headed into wind, I dropped the mainsail and Simon motored us into Admiralty Bay just outside the capital town of Port Elizabeth on the island of Bequia.

Many people make the mistake that it’s us boaters that have the best view in town, but that’s not always the case.

It wasn’t until the following day when hubby took the crew and I to shore that I started to realize just how amazing Bequia really is. When we first took our dingy to one of the many dingy pontoons, and I took a few steps onto land, I noticed a very colorful, inviting and relaxed backdrop.

The main strip is filled with natural beauty including the light sandy beach, variety of colorful trees, bushes and shrubs. And the restaurants, bars and shops are not only colorful but each one has distinct character.”