Traveling from Canada to Bequia – Best Caribbean Island Getaway from Canada


Best Caribbean Island Getaway from Canada

Bequia, pronounced as Beck-way, is one of the jewels out in the Caribbean stretch. If you love unspoiled views, quiet lagoons and reefs along with shore lines that don’t have throngs and hordes of holiday revelers and tourists, then this might just be the perfect spot for you, says Frommer’s. With 32 islands and cays in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s an idyllic spot, away from many of Caribbean’s touristy areas. Coming from Canada? Here are some bit of handy information you’ll want to know before you book your flight:

Now with Direct Flights From Canada to St. Vincent

Air Canada has announced the planned launch of the first-ever scheduled flights from North America to St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ new Argyle International Airport. More info at

Barbados or St. Lucia to Bequia

For many of the visitors from out of the Caribbean region, especially those coming in from Canada, going to Bequia means doing it via Barbados or St. Lucia. If that’s the option that works for you, then you’ll want to book flights on Air Canada or Caribbean Airlines. These airlines offer direct flights to Barbados and St. Lucia. From there, it’s easy to make your way to the St. Vincent via SVG Air or Grenadine Air Alliance. You can get there by hiring a cab to take you. From there, it’s going to be an hour before the ferry lands in Bequia. Taking photos of passing sights or just settling in for a bit of shut-eye should help get that hour-long ride over quickly enough. Before you know it, you’ll be in Bequia in no time.

Direct flights with Grenadine Air Alliance
If you’re already booked for a few days in Barbados or St. Lucia, then you might want to hop onto the Grenadine Air Alliance or SVG Air for a direct flight to Bequia. Grenadine Air Alliance has daily flights so you can easily book any day of the week. With SVG Air, you can take advantage of private and scheduled charter routes.

St. Vincent to Bequia
If you’re in St. Vincent, though, or you don’t relish the thought of taking another flight or simply wish to travel in a way that would let you see more of the local sights, then simply take a cab to take you to Grenadines wharf. From there, take the ferry to Bequia. With these travel routes, plotting your destination and planning your vacation should be easy. If you’re tired of snow and chill and ready for some sand, sun and sea, this is the best summer escape for your next trip.