Getting to the Caribbean’s Unspoiled Island Paradise

10/22/2017 0

Bequia: Getting to the Caribbean’s Unspoiled Island Paradise
Sun, sand and sea—there are few things as fun as planning your next island holiday. If you’re looking to hit one of the best spots in the Caribbean and you aren’t one for crowds, then head on over to Bequia.
Where’s Bequia?
Bequia is a part of the country St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The name of the island means “island of the clouds,” which is certainly picturesque enough to fit the charms of this beach paradise. It’s a highly popular spot for tourists on yachting trips and cruises and provides enough wrecks and shallow caves for those looking to include a dive or two on their trip to the beach.
How to get there?
Easy access to Bequia is now putting the island on the map for more and more tourists. You can book flights to Barbados to St. Vincent and enjoy a lovely short ferry ride to Bequia. One of the newest airlines to offer flights to St. Vincent is TIA.
What is TIA?
TIA or Trans Island Air offers scheduled and private charter rides to tourists looking to fly to their island destinations in a way that’s comfortable and hassle-free. With 5 scheduled charter destinations along with 8 destinations if you go for the private charter option, you can tour and see the Caribbean in style.
Where to stay?
Picking the perfect resort for your stay is going to be a huge part of your trip. If you want to make sure you experience island comfort and luxury, pick the dates and make a reservation at the Spring Hotel Bequia. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon suite or one you could share with family and friends, the resort offers you a range of rooms along with wonderful amenities that make it easy for you to relax and throw your worries away.
With a scenic location, great views and luxurious rooms done in traditional island décor, taking a break, tromping along like a tourist and enjoying every bit of your trip has never been this easy.
Helpful reminders
Make sure you book your flight and hotel reservations early. That way, you can get your flight dates and take your pick out of the resort’s many suites. Booking ahead also helps you plan your activities so you can browse for day trip packages and have plenty of time to talk to yachting companies and consider your options. When you step onto the island, you’ll have nothing more to worry about on your plate. For reservations and bookings, call us today.