Top Things To Do in Bequia, Saint Vincent

12/29/2017 0

Your flight tickets are booked and your hotel reservations done. With those major trip details covered, what do you do once you’re in Bequia? Here are a few of the best things you’ll want to do once you step foot on this island getaway:

Visit the Frangipani Bar

With more than 40 years under its belt, this is one local spot you shouldn’t miss, says Travel and Leisure. It’s a local favorite you’ll definitely want to hit with your friends. Grab a few drinks and enjoy some of the region’s local cuisine.

Check out the turtle sanctuary

Head on over to the turtle sanctuary and take a ton of pictures of cute baby turtles. Learn a bit about the sanctuary and marvel at the dedication of a local fisherman who takes care of the preserve.  

Shop at the Pink House

Trips cannot be complete without a bit of shopping tossed in. If you love great finds and want to lug home a whole suitcase worth of souvenirs and gifts for people back home, hit boutique shops like this one. You’re sure to find the right wardrobe for a night out in town along with other nifty and lovely items.

Sail on a ship

There’s a reason why Bequia is called a sailor’s dream. If you’ve ever entertained the thought of cruising through crystal clear waters, this is the best time to indulge yourself. Book yourself and your friends for a day out in the water—or a couple of days. Bop from one island to another. Do bonfires and barbecues. Take a million pictures of that breathtaking sunset. Swim, snorkel and dive. Have fun doing all the things you’ve ever wanted to do on a trip to the beach.

Go on the schooner

The Friendship Rose schooner isn’t to be missed as well. It offers day trips to Mustique. If you want to spend a few hours snorkeling in amazing waters, hop onto the schooner since it also offers trips to the Tobago Cays. Enjoy a picnic on deserted beaches where only you and your gang have the beach all to yourselves. Relax and soak up the sun without worrying about fighting over a prime spot on the beach. With no one about, you and your friends can enjoy your time under the sun without any worries.

Put together your own list, pack your bags and get ready to have fun on Bequia!