Turtle Sanctuary

In Park, on the northeastern side of Bequia, Mr. Orton King maintains the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, founded in 1995, where baby hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles, caught up in fishing nets or stranded alone on beaches, are given a second chance at life. Nourished until they are old enough to fend for themselves, the turtles are then returned to the sea where they may live for 100 years or more. Pay a visit and watch this rescue mission in operation.

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Located on the far western tip of Bequia, the fascinating architectural style of Moonhole is based on the concept of living in harmony with nature while taking full advantage of the Caribbean environment, as interpreted by Tom Johnston, the American designer who first purchased and developed the site in the 1960′s. To achieve these goals, these unique houses, seemingly carved out of the solid rock, have been designed on sites overlooking the sea, maximizing both views and breezes while minimizing their impact on the environment. Although these homes have recently been closed for visitor tours, be sure to ask your boat captain to slow down as you pass by so that you can appreciate this fascinating complex of structures.

Mount Pleasant

The highest point on Bequia is Mount Pleasant at 760 ft / 231.7 m. The 360° view from the top is well worth the trip and the area is popular with locals and visitors alike. Stop at the Sugar Hill Bar and Restaurant near the top for a cold beer and enjoy a view from St. Vincent to Canouan. You will soon appreciate why so many fine homes are built at the top of this mountain.

Paget Farm

A small fishing community near the airport, and home to the Banana Patch Studio featuring scrimshaw and other artwork, is another worthwhile stop. At Paget Farm, you will be sure to see the colorful fishing boats lined up outside the fish market. If you can arrange a trip to Petit Nevis you can see the old whaling station and find out more about Bequia’s whaling tradition. Don’t forget to visit the Whaling Museum.

Spring Plantation

This 200 year old working plantation overlooking Spring Bay used to have a 19th century sugar factory whose ruins at the entrance to the Firefly Hotel. Wide lanes of swaying coconut palms still grace the access path to Spring Beach and beyond.

Hamilton Fort

The remains of a small, colonial-style, fort, is located on the far side of Admiralty Bay on the hill above Port Elizabeth. A few sea-worn cannons stand as a reminder of the French, who fortified the site in the 18th century, and the English, who later held it. The battery is mostly gone, but the view of sailboats anchored in Admiralty Bay makes the trip worthwhile.