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A Sailor’s Paradise – Bequia

A trip to the beach isn’t complete without day trips to nearby islands and diving spots. After all, what’s better than cruising through those waves and bopping over one island to the next? Have barbeques and bonfires on pristine sand. To make sure you cover all that on your trip to Bequia, here’s a list of charters you’ll want to know:
Yacht Kalamunda
This offers days to islands close by. Indulge in fun and relaxing activities. Enjoy snorkeling in clear waters or going on an overnight cruise. Comfortable and affordable, this is one of the best options you can go for if you want to play tourist in Bequia.
Ain’t Mine Boat Tours
Short and full day trips are possible around the Grenadines and to the Tobago cays. Want to see a bit of Mustique and Mayreau? No worries. The company covers those in their boating routes as well. They’ll also go fishing for you and your friends if you want fresh catch from the sea, says Bequia Tourism.
Friendship Rose
This is a schooner so it’s a bigger. If that’s the kind of transportation you want while you cruise around some of the lovely islands in the Caribbean, then this should be a win for you. Bring along family and friends and have a rollicking good time on board this schooner. A full day cruise in Admiralty Bay will surely be an unforgettable treat.
Octopus Yacht
If you’ve ever had a long-sought out dream of sailing through the Caribbean, this is one of the yacht trips that really fit the bill. With a fully equipped galley and a roomy cockpit with shade, you can look forward to a great time on the high seas. Some yachts or boats are only available for day trips but this one provides for both day and night trips. If that’s on your list of to-do things while you’re in Bequia, then you’ll want to keep this up on your list.
Petit Cash
Just want to take in a bit of the Caribbean charm and the many islands around for a day? Then you might want to book with this tour company. They provide day tours to many different islands in the area. With an experienced crew, you and the rest of your group will surely have tons of fun.
These charters are just a few of the ones you’ll find in Bequia. Explore your options today and book a tour worthy of any sailor’s dream for you and the rest of the gang.

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Your flight tickets are booked and your hotel reservations done. With those major trip details covered, what do you do once you’re in Bequia? Here are a few of the best things you’ll want to do once you step foot on this island getaway:

Visit the Frangipani Bar

With more than 40 years under its belt, this is one local spot you shouldn’t miss, says Travel and Leisure. It’s a local favorite you’ll definitely want to hit with your friends. Grab a few drinks and enjoy some of the region’s local cuisine.

Check out the turtle sanctuary

Head on over to the turtle sanctuary and take a ton of pictures of cute baby turtles. Learn a bit about the sanctuary and marvel at the dedication of a local fisherman who takes care of the preserve.  

Shop at the Pink House

Trips cannot be complete without a bit of shopping tossed in. If you love great finds and want to lug home a whole suitcase worth of souvenirs and gifts for people back home, hit boutique shops like this one. You’re sure to find the right wardrobe for a night out in town along with other nifty and lovely items.

Sail on a ship

There’s a reason why Bequia is called a sailor’s dream. If you’ve ever entertained the thought of cruising through crystal clear waters, this is the best time to indulge yourself. Book yourself and your friends for a day out in the water—or a couple of days. Bop from one island to another. Do bonfires and barbecues. Take a million pictures of that breathtaking sunset. Swim, snorkel and dive. Have fun doing all the things you’ve ever wanted to do on a trip to the beach.

Go on the schooner

The Friendship Rose schooner isn’t to be missed as well. It offers day trips to Mustique. If you want to spend a few hours snorkeling in amazing waters, hop onto the schooner since it also offers trips to the Tobago Cays. Enjoy a picnic on deserted beaches where only you and your gang have the beach all to yourselves. Relax and soak up the sun without worrying about fighting over a prime spot on the beach. With no one about, you and your friends can enjoy your time under the sun without any worries.

Put together your own list, pack your bags and get ready to have fun on Bequia!

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Bequia: Getting to the Caribbean’s Unspoiled Island Paradise
Sun, sand and sea—there are few things as fun as planning your next island holiday. If you’re looking to hit one of the best spots in the Caribbean and you aren’t one for crowds, then head on over to Bequia.
Where’s Bequia?
Bequia is a part of the country St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The name of the island means “island of the clouds,” which is certainly picturesque enough to fit the charms of this beach paradise. It’s a highly popular spot for tourists on yachting trips and cruises and provides enough wrecks and shallow caves for those looking to include a dive or two on their trip to the beach.
How to get there?
Easy access to Bequia is now putting the island on the map for more and more tourists. You can book flights to Barbados to St. Vincent and enjoy a lovely short ferry ride to Bequia. One of the newest airlines to offer flights to St. Vincent is TIA.
What is TIA?
TIA or Trans Island Air offers scheduled and private charter rides to tourists looking to fly to their island destinations in a way that’s comfortable and hassle-free. With 5 scheduled charter destinations along with 8 destinations if you go for the private charter option, you can tour and see the Caribbean in style.
Where to stay?
Picking the perfect resort for your stay is going to be a huge part of your trip. If you want to make sure you experience island comfort and luxury, pick the dates and make a reservation at the Spring Hotel Bequia. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon suite or one you could share with family and friends, the resort offers you a range of rooms along with wonderful amenities that make it easy for you to relax and throw your worries away.
With a scenic location, great views and luxurious rooms done in traditional island décor, taking a break, tromping along like a tourist and enjoying every bit of your trip has never been this easy.
Helpful reminders
Make sure you book your flight and hotel reservations early. That way, you can get your flight dates and take your pick out of the resort’s many suites. Booking ahead also helps you plan your activities so you can browse for day trip packages and have plenty of time to talk to yachting companies and consider your options. When you step onto the island, you’ll have nothing more to worry about on your plate. For reservations and bookings, call us today.



How to Get to Bequia in St. Vincent and The Grenadines

There’s something exciting about planning for your next trip. If you want to try out the Caribbean sunshine this time, though, you might want to consider heading over to Bequia, a scenic spot in St. Vincent and The Grenadines. It’s a secret paradise on the Caribbean that still doesn’t see many tourists and holiday makers. Here’s how to get to this unspoiled stretch of paradise:

From Barbados
Getting from Barbados to Bequia is a breeze. You could use SVG Air or Grenadine Air Alliance since both airlines have direct flights from Barbados to Bequia. Flights usually take about 55 minutes and are quick and easy for a weekend getaway or a full on vacation!

From Canada
If you’re coming in from Canada, Air Canada offers direct flights from Toronto right into the Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent’s. Start planning your trip from Canada to Bequia now, so you can book the best dates and get the best rates on a suite from Spring House Bequia.

From Germany
If you’re coming in from any of the major cities in Germany or from Geneva or Brussels in Switzerland, then you can simply follow some of the connections above, whether to St. Vincent, Barbados or directly to Bequia. With these many options, finding your way to this island paradise should be easy.

Once you’ve booked your flight, book your suite at Spring House Bequia for an unforgettable trip to the Caribbean.



Bequia, pronounced as Beck-way, is one of the jewels out in the Caribbean stretch. If you love unspoiled views, quiet lagoons and reefs along with shore lines that don’t have throngs and hordes of holiday revelers and tourists, then this might just be the perfect spot for you, says Frommer’s. With 32 islands and cays in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s an idyllic spot, away from many of Caribbean’s touristy areas. Air Canada has announced the planned launch of the first-ever scheduled flights from North America to St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ new Argyle International Airport. More info at discoversvg.com.


Check out this awesome video introducing Bequia to the world, created by Rick Moore on YouTube.

Check out the article excerpt below. Read the full article here

“I always find it funny how we never truly know where we’re going until we actually start sailing somewhere.

After a very rocky seven hours, Britican headed into wind, I dropped the mainsail and Simon motored us into Admiralty Bay just outside the capital town of Port Elizabeth on the island of Bequia.

Many people make the mistake that it’s us boaters that have the best view in town, but that’s not always the case.

It wasn’t until the following day when hubby took the crew and I to shore that I started to realize just how amazing Bequia really is. When we first took our dingy to one of the many dingy pontoons, and I took a few steps onto land, I noticed a very colorful, inviting and relaxed backdrop.

The main strip is filled with natural beauty including the light sandy beach, variety of colorful trees, bushes and shrubs. And the restaurants, bars and shops are not only colorful but each one has distinct character.”



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Bequia is a favorite Caribbean holiday destination for travelers from the UK.

Biographer, Hunter Davies, recently traveled to Bequia and fell for the island’s old-fashioned charm. It’s something we hear over and over again from vacationers that come back again and again. He said Bequia is his favorite as it ‘feels like the West Indies in the olden days’.

Here’s an excerpt from Davies’ article:

“Bequia is my favourite island in the Caribbean – and that’s saying something as, over the years, I’ve visited 32 of them. One of Bequia’s many attractions is that it always feels like the West Indies in the olden days, with real West Indians going quietly and calmly about their real West Indian lives.

It’s a small island, about five miles long, and with only 5,000 inhabitants, but it feels bigger thanks to its winding roads, hidden tracks, wooded hills, marvellous beaches and a spectacular harbour filled with yachts.”

Interested in learning more about Caribbean Holidays from the UK? Read our “How to get to Bequia” guide.

Read full article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travelsupplement/article-4568610/Biographer-Hunter-Davies-falls-Bequia-s-old-charm.html#ixzz4jzl60Sct


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Now it’s much easier to travel from Trinidad and Tobago to St. Vincent and Bequia!

The following article can be found read in full here.

Flights to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from Trinidad and Tobago are now available through Caribbean Airlines!

“Caribbean Airlines has announced the introduction of service to Argyle International Airport, St Vincent and the Grenadines, starting April 14.

The flights will operate twice weekly, every Friday and Sunday between Trinidad and Tobago and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Caribbean Airlines is one of the first airlines to offer nonstop flights to the new airport, which also serves as an international gateway to the beautiful Grenadine Islands. Customers will also benefit from seamless connections between St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Caribbean  Airlines’ other international and regional destinations.”

See available flights at Caribbean Airlines’ website.



One of the reasons that Bequia is such a hidden gem is how you have to access it. The opening of Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent is going to open up a great gateway from Air Canada. See the excerpt below.

St. Vincent’s new international airport just got a major boost.

“Air Canada has announced the planned launch of the first-ever scheduled flights from North America to St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ new Argyle International Airport.

The new flights will operate from Toronto to St. Vincent weekly on Thursdays on an Airbus A319 operated by Air Canada’s Rouge brand, from Dec. 14 through April 12.

It could prove a major boon for the airport’s hopes of attracting scheduled service from U.S. carriers and for travelers looking to reach the country’s sought-after vacation spots in the Grenadines chain, including private island resorts like Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent and the newly-launched Pink Sands Club on the island of Canouan. (Domestic carrier SVG Air is your best bet).”

This is an excerpt from www.caribjournal.com. You may view the full article here