How To Get To Bequia

Orientation map showing non-stop flight routes to St. Lucia, Barbados and Trinidad

Tips for booking travel to Bequia (and getting the best deals):


  • Use a flight search engine such as Google Flight, Kayak, Expedia, or Momondo, Note: some low cost airlines do not show on all search engines.
  • Look for flights from your home city to the main connecting island airports of Barbados (BGI), St. Lucia (UVF) or Trinidad (POS)
  • If direct flights are not available, or too expensive, consider several of the gateway cities shown on the orientation map above
  • Cheaper prices may be found when routing through some cities such as New York or Toronto, or by overflying Barbados to Trinidad.
  • Try +/- 3 days if your plans are flexible as weekday flights are often cheaper by as much as 40%
  • Use the FLOW CHART below to co-ordinate inter island and local travel options with your international flight
  • If all else fails, CALL/TEXT US and we will try to make some useful suggestions based on other guests’ experiences getting here

Travel Notes Once You Reach The Islands

  • Connections with SVG Air in Barbados are fast as they have an express lane that bypasses immigration and customs. They also take care of your checked baggage.
  • Connections with SVG Air in St. Lucia are efficient because they pre-clear you through Bequia customs while you are waiting to depart. Sweet!
  • Private charter is always an option from any island to/from Bequia. Mustique Airways
  • Ferry time from Kingstown to Bequia is less than 1 hour and the cost is $10 each way. Last ferry departs at 6pm. Allow at least 1 hour to clear at the SVD airport and get to the ferry. (moah.betta)
  • If you have to stay overnight in Kingstown, St. Vincent try the Cobblestone Inn
  • If you have to stay overnight in Barbados and have a short layover, try the Shonlan Inn and Apartments(cheap and cheerful, but right at the airport) No website, just do a search for the name.
  • Spring Hotel Bequia driver will meet you either at the Bequia airport or ferry terminal

Flow chart to help you plan travel options to Bequia