Jeep Rental: What do I need to know about driving on the island?

03/27/2017 0

If you rent a jeep, a representative from Bequia Jeep Rentals will meet you at Spring Hotel Bequia and take you through the paperwork and check you out in the vehicle on the morning after your arrival. Please note that the contract for its hire is between you and the rental company. Please return the jeep with the same amount of petrol/gas (normally full) that it had when you received it, or settle with the rental company before departure. You will need to obtain a local driving license for each driver by producing copies of your home country license and passport. The jeep rental company can obtain your local driving license before you arrive so that you don’t waste part of your vacation waiting in line. They don’t charge for the service bit, the government charges a license fee. Please contact them directly and explain that you are staying at Spring Hotel Bequia. They will require you to email copies of your home country driving license and passport, and your local license will be waiting for you upon arrival. Vehicles are not normally allowed to leave the island without prior arrangement. Drive on the left and drive slowly. Roads are in poor condition, steep hills with deep drainage ditches are common and there are many people walking on the roads day and night. Street lights are few and far between.