What not to bring: What shouldn’t I bring with me?

03/27/2017 0
  • Too many clothes — most people bring far too many clothes. Casual, warm weather, clothes, shorts, sports clothing, swimsuits and a couple of nicer outfits for going to a restaurant are all you need. Dress is resort casual. Still, it is generally unacceptable to wear bathing suits, short shorts and short tank tops in public, although we do sometimes see some unusual wear from the cruise ship visitors wandering around the harbour. Men should wear shirts in public. Casually elegant is appropriate for evening outings. You may want to bring a light sweater/jacket for evenings if you feel the cold. The weather every day is reliably warm all year round: it’s in the 26–28°C / 78–82°F range almost all the time.
  • Towels. We provide bath, pool and beach towels.
  • Camouflage apparel — it is an offence, even for children, to wear camouflage clothing.
  • Drugs — the Government of St Vincent & the Grenadines is very strict about this. There are harsh penalties for possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs.