The food here is good and healthy — lobster, chicken and steaks from such fish as mahimahi, kingfish and grouper, plus tropical fruits, fried plantains and coconut and guava puddings made fresh daily. Even the beach bars are spotless!

Blue Tropic Restaurant & Bar

West Indian cuisine – Friendship Bay

Garden setting, above the beach. Bills itself as the best restaurant on Bequia, and is priced accordingly. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, cocktails, al fresco lunches, light casual dinners by reservation. Located in the Bequia Beach Hotel.

Hours: 7 days a week

Specials: Live entertainment during the season

Phone / VHF: 458 1600 / 68

Captain Mac’s Bar & Galley

West Indian cuisine with a nautical theme – Port Elizabeth

The experienced owners of the old Hope’s Cove Restaurant have created a exciting new venue on Front Street. A wide wrap-around verandah is the perfect place to enjoy the warm tropical breezes while sampling a variety of West Indian and International food at reasonable prices. Located above the Island Style store on Front Street. Reservations not required.

Hours: All year, 10am – 11pm; Sundays 3pm – 11pm

Specials: Live music Friday nights, Karaoke Tuesdays & Thursdays; also caters for birthdays, weddings, parties, etc

Phone / VHF: 458-3133 and 495-5468 / 68

Frangipani Hotel

Caribbean, International cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Extensive wine list. Good food. This waterfront restaurant is one of the best restaurants on the island. Lunches, served throughout the day, include sandwiches, salads and seafood platters. Dinner specialties include homemade soup, conch chowder, baked chicken with rice-and-coconut stuffing, lobster and an array of fresh fish. Located on the Belmont Walkway, Admiralty Bay, on the water between Gingerbread and Whaleboner. Reservations are required for dinner and essential for the Thursday BBQ.

Hours: 07:30 – 10:30; 11:00 – 15:00; 18:30 – 22:00 Closed in September

Specials: Thursday BBQ buffet and Jump-up with the Elite steel band.

Phone / VHF: 458-3255 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: Breakfast EC$8–27; Lunch EC$10–65; Dinner EC$27–80

Frisko Ice Cream

Ice Cream – Port Elizabeth

This small ice cream stand sells different low-priced popsicles and other pre-made treats like ice cream sandwiches. It’s not gourmet ice cream like Maranne’s, but it’s good for a cheap cool snack on a hot day.

Plan on Spending: EC$1.50 – EC$5

Brooks Hideaway

Port Elizabeth

Brooks hideaway is a local eatery located in the market on the way to O’car Reform.

Gingerbread Hotel Restaurant

Caribbean, BBQ, International cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Elegant dining in the upstairs restaurant or sit outside, beachside, for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. If you happen to be dining on a night when the vocal group Ferrin is playing, you are in for a special treat – this Bequian group will enlighten you with a fine repertoire of local Caribbean favorites. Located in the Belmont Walkway, Admiralty Bay.

Hours: Breakfast at 8:00. Lunch all day. Closes at 22:00

Specials: Sunday – live music

Phone / VHF: 458-3800 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: $15-$25 per person

Coco’s Place Bar & Restaurant

West Indian, Seafood, with an International twist – O’car Reform

Book for lunch or dinner at Coco’s Place. You will be served as a very important person, in a fabulous setting with a superb view, with the finest food of the island. This island staple has recently relocated from Lower Bay to Port Elizabeth. Excellent service. Excellent food. The place to be on Fridays – laid back atmosphere, Elvis live on pan. Coco’s conch chowder, made with milk and light cream like a Newport chowder, is unbelievably tender.

Hours: 11:00 – late

Specials: Tuesday local string band, Saturday Amanda Gooding, Friday Elvis on pan, Sunday West Indian buffet

Phone / VHF: 458-3463 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$35 – 100

Green Boley

Caribbean Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

A traditional Caribbean beach bar made out of split bamboo. Real West Indian feel and bar food. Has the best chicken and conch roti in the entire Caribbean! Hang out and enjoy a local Hairoun beer and a roti, and catch up on the local goings on. Located in Belmont, Admiralty Bay, between the two Dive Shops.

Hours: Until Liston (the owner) feels like closing

Phone / VHF: 458-3247 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$5 for a beer and EC$10 for a roti

Colombo’s Place Spaghetteria

Port Elizabeth

Colombo’s Place Spaghetteria is a local eatery located across from NBC Bank.

Specials: Fridays

Phone / VHF: 457-3881 / Channel 70

Harbour Café

West Indian Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

The Harbour Café is a West Indian restaurant located next to Knight’s Supermarket on Front Street.

Phone / VHF: 458-3272

Dawn’s Beach Cafe

Caribbean, International cuisine – Lower Bay

A simple beach bar serving good local food. The menu is ideal for the beach. Popular spot for locals and visitors to hang out and enjoy one of the liveliest beaches on Bequia. It is located in the Creole Garden Hotel.

Hours: Open in May 10:30 – 17:00

Specials: Sundays – popular beach day

Phone / VHF: 458-3154 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$20 – 40

Hibiscus Bar & BBQ

West Indian Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Not a “fancy tourist restaurant”, but more of a local “hang-out”. Around lunch time, it is packed out, and that can be for only one reason: the food is good … and cheap. Enjoy fresh blackfin tuna steak, lobster in season, chicken, pork ribs, all perfectly done. Located on Back Street, opposite Knight’s Trading.

Hours: 8am – 2pm daily

De Bistro

Pizza, West Indian cuisine – Port Elizabeth

De Bistro is a local eatery known for its breakfast and is located next to Roland’s Gourmet Supermarket on Front Street.

Phone / VHF: 457-3482 / Channel 68

Jack’s Bar and Restaurant

West Indian, Creole, International Cusine – Princess Margaret Beach

Brand new beachfront sports bar and restaurant, with a huge dinghy dock designed to attract the yachties. Good selection of food from the usual burgers to Cornish Game Hen and Fillet of Beef for dinner. Large, attentive, staff. A bit on the pricey side, but a prime location on Bequia’s most popular beach. Tucked away at the east end of Princess Margaret Beach. Disabled access by water taxi only.

Hours: 11am – 9pm, later in season. Breakfast available all day. Open all year round.

Specials: Caters for birthdays, weddings, parties, etc

Phone / VHF: 457-3762 and 457-3809 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: Lunch EC$15 – 30; Dinner EC$55 – 75.

De Reef

Caribbean, Seafood – Lower Bay

Informal beach bar and restaurant with relaxed atmosphere in the middle of all the action in Lower Bay. Good seafood, curries and a full dinner menu. Best known for lunches. Saturday seafood buffet dinners with live music in season, and regular Sunday afternoon music jam sessions. Reservations are required for dinner.

Hours: Open in August 10:30 – 21:30

Specials: Offers catering for birthdays, weddings, and more


Phone / VHF: 458-3958 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$20 – 60


Upscale West Indian, International – Ocar

Up-market restaurant with plenty of ambience. Good food and atmosphere. Large deck and dinghy dock for relaxing and dancing. Enjoy a candlelit dinner right at the waterfront. Don’t miss their famous reggae nights or music bars.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 4pm – late

Specials: String band on Friday nights, live music on Saturday.


Phone / VHF: 458-3900 & 458-3443 / Channel 68

Devil’s Table

Devil’s Table

Up-market restaurant with plenty of ambience. Good food and atmosphere. Large deck and dinghy dock for relaxing and dancing. Enjoy a candlelit dinner right at the waterfront. Don’t miss their famous reggae nights or music bars.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 4pm – late

Specials: String band on Friday nights, live music on Saturday.


Phone / VHF: 458-3900 & 458-3443 / Channel 68

Fernando’s Hideaway

Bequian, authentic Island cooking – Lower Bay

Book for this popular and unique local restaurant as there are few tables and they fill quickly. Fernando learnt his trade as a ship’s cook on the Yankee Clipper and on ocean tankers. Limited seating. Fresh fish caught daily by “Nando”, who is an excellent chef and his unique restaurant is wonderfully Bequian. Located up on the hill above Lower Bay.

Hours: Open every Sunday 19:00 – 22:00 Closed from 1st July – 1st Saturday in November.

Phone / VHF: 458-3758 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$70 – 100

L’Auberge des Grenadines

Gourmet French, Creole Cuisine – Hamilton

A waterfront restaurant with Bequia’s only live lobster pool. Fine dining with a French accent, lobster and seafood a speciality for lunch or dinner. Choose from two daily prix fixe or à la carte menus. Perfect setting right by the beach with sunset views over the harbour. Happy hour from 5.30 to 6.30pm, live music in season. Located on the north shore of Admiralty Bay.

Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm Sunday – Friday; closed September and October, and on Saturdays May to August

Specials: Live lobsters; Blues and Jazz music Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



Phone / VHF: 457-3555 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: $26-$50 per person. Fixed price 3-course menu at EC$80, or à la carte

Fig Tree

Bequian, authentic Island cooking – Port Elizabeth/Belmont Walkway

Cheryl Johnson is the owner of this fine restaurant. She is one of the most well known people in the Grenadines for her tireless work promoting many good causes including a reading room for kids and the Bequia Book Shop. She turned her talents to the Fig Tree in 2010 and the Bequia restaurant scene is all the better for it. Local cooking with a spicy flair. Music some nights. Check “Bequia This Week” for schedule.

Hours: Open every day except Tuesday.   November – March from 8 am – 10 pm, April – October  11 am – 8 pm

Phone / VHF: 457-3008 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$50 – 70

Lina’s Bread & Deli

Deli Sandwiches and Gourmet Foods – Port Elizabeth

Strictly speaking, Lina’s is not a restaurant, but the Deli sandwiches here are very good indeed – the perfect thing for lunch. Located next to the RBTT Bank.

Mac’s Pizzeria

Pizza – Port Elizabeth

This is one of the most popular pizza locations on the island, and with good reason. Founded 27 years ago, Mac’s is one of Bequia’s longest established restaurants with a world famous reputation, especially for their lobster pizzas. The pizzas here are large, thick, and covered with plenty of toppings. One large pizza (19?) is easily enough for four people. Eat in or take-away. Situated between Frangipani and Plantation house, Admiralty Bay.

Hours: Mondays 3pm – 10pm May-November

Specials: Scrabble night on Mondays at 4:30pm

Phone / VHF: 458-3474 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: EC$65 for a large (19 inch) Pizza

Maranne’s Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream – Belmont

This delicious homemade ice cream, all made with natural ingredients, is wonderful anytime. Centrally located and with reasonable prices, not to mention how tasty the flavors are, it’s no wonder Maranne’s is a favorite on the island. Enjoy fruit sorbets, frozen yogurt, fresh natural yogurt, sundaes, splits; quarts and half-gallon tubs to take away. Downstairs at the Gingerbread Cafe.

Hours: Open daily from 10am – 5:30pm

Phone / VHF: 593-7264

Maria’s French Terrace

French, with a Caribbean twist – Port Elizabeth

Overlooking Admiralty Bay, features traditional French cuisine and a very extensive wine list. Moderately priced with great ambience. Service and staff is just fantastic. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located on Front Street, across from the Dinghy Dock. Reservations recommended for large groups. You can also reserve the whole restaurant for your special occasion.

Hours: 7:30am – 10:30am; 12pm – 3pm; 7pm – late

Phone / VHF: 458 3337 / 458 3422 / Channel 68

New York Sports Bar

Local Drinks – Port Elizabeth

This is a great little place to stop at after coming in off the Ferry Dock. Soft drinks cost EC$2 and a beer costs EC$5. Located across from the gas station.

Phone / VHF: 458 3252

Plan on Spending: EC$2 – EC$8

Old Fort Plantation

Creole, Mediterranean, International Cuisine – Mount Pleasant

Romantic view over the southern Grenadines from Mount Pleasant. Enjoy a delicious lunch and lazy afternoon by the pool in the lush garden setting, or dine by candlelight in open air restaurant.

Phone / VHF: 458-3440

Penthouse Bar

Drinks – Port Elizabeth

A small bar that is very popular amongst the locals. After the other bars call it a night, the Penthouse is still jumping. Located next to Brooks Hideaway.

Hours: Only at night

Pizza Hut

Location Cuisine

A real hut, that sells pizza! Thankfully, nothing to do with the chain restaurant, but a little place with very good pizza and very friendly people. Located next to Bequia Technology Center on Front Street.

Phone / VHF: 458-3989

Porthole Bar & Restaurant

Caribbean, Creole, International Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Family-run informal restaurant located directly on the beach, with good, reasonably priced, food all day. Fine wine and Noeline Taylor’s delicious cooking – try her legendary rotis, conch souse, grilled lobster, and curried chicken! The historic main building dates from the slave trade era.

Hours: 08:00 – 10:00; 11:00 – 15:00; 18:00 – 22:00; closed on Sundays

Specials: Live music every Wednesday evening

Phone / VHF: 458-3458 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: Under $15 per person

Sailor’s Beach Cafe

West Indian Cuisine / Chinese – Port Elizabeth

If you are really hungry for local fare, go to Sailors and good luck trying to finish the mountain of food that you will get on your plate. Can be a bit of a wait as everything is freshly cooked for you. Hard to beat for sheer value. Located across from Coco’s Place at O’car Reform.

Specials: Live music Friday nights


Phone / VHF: 458-3708 and 593-0517 / Channel 68

Sugar Hill Bar & Restaurant

West Indian, Bequian Cuisine – Mount Pleasant

Slightly off the beaten tourist path but a great favourite with locals, Sugar Hill Restaurant serves up great local food in large portions at a reasonable price. Add in the friendly owners and some music and who could ask for more? Follow the only road up Mount Pleasant.

Hours: Closed on Sundays

Specials: Wednesday, Saturday

Phone / VHF: 458-3773

Tantie Pearl’s

West Indian Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Authentic West Indian cuisine. Beautiful harbor sunset views. Great drinks and generous portions. Bring six diners and you eat for free! Located above Port Elizabeth.

Hours: 11:30 – 14:00; 18:30 – close

Specials: Tuesdays: live music; Saturday night: curry dinner

Phone / VHF: 457-3160 / Channel 68

Tommy Cantina

Mexican, Seafood Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Mexican, Seafood Cuisine – Port Elizabeth

Outstanding Mexican and Seafood restaurant located right on the waterfront. Ownerd by Tom and Pam, whose delicious Mexican specialty recipes have been in the family for decades and include fabulous Margaritas, shredded beef tacos, chicken enchiladas, homemade black beans and more. Enjoy great sunsets and dining by candlelight. A popular restaurant frequented by locals and visitors alike. Located at the North End of the Belmont Walkway. Reservations recommended in-season.

Hours: Lunch: Monday – Saturday: Dinner: Monday – Sunday

Phone / VHF: 457-3779 / 68

Whaleboner Inn

West Indian, International Cuisine – Admiralty Bay

Owner/operator Ruth Hinckson serves excellent local dishes – a wide selection from pizza, sandwiches and fish & chips for lunch to lobster, fish, chicken or steak for dinner. Inside, the bar is carved from the jawbone of a giant whale, and the barstools are made from the vertebrae. One night each week, this place has a jump-up and is the hot-spot in Belmont. Located next to the Frangipani Hotel.

Hours: 08:00 – 21:00; bar stays open later

Specials: Monday, Friday, Saturday: live music

Phone / VHF: 458-3233 / Channel 68

Plan on Spending: Main courses EC$46–EC$89 (US$17-US$33/£9.20-£18)